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  • how to bring style to your home

    Time poor and feeling uninspired right now? Leave the hard work up to us with a detailed product menu to guide you in making better decisions for your home!
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  • how to bring style to your home

    Sign up today for a stress free and easy to follow process that has been designed to work just for you and is tailored to your taste, wants and needs!
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  • how to bring style to your home

    Take advantage of all 4 steps for a discounted rate and an all-round interior design experience like no other!
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This is all about you! The initial meet and greet is where you will be provided with our exclusive Tomorrow Living & Co client engagement form and we will discuss what your current space is like, what modifications need to be made and how we will go about achieving your dream home together.


Time to get some visuals happening! Grab a coffee, sit back, relax and watch our ideas blend together in the form of two types of inspirational moodboards designed specifically for you and your new space.
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Don’t have the time or energy to be going in and out of retail stores to find that one piece you don’t know if you really want? Leave the hard work up to us with your very own digital product menu made just for you!Don’t have the time or energy to be going in and out of retail stores to find that one piece you don’t know if you really want? Leave the hard work up to us with your very own digital product menu made just for you!


It’s all coming together! The final stage where one of our stylists will come back to visit you in your space and assist in the styling of all the pieces that we have worked so hard in achieving together. Talk about convenience!

it's the whole Package 

In home or virtual 2 hour interior consultation 

Digital moodboard with 2 rounds of editing allowed 

Our unique flat lay moodboard delivered to your door in environmentally friendly packaging 

Tailor made product menu with 3 options per component of your furnishings for your space 

A personalised interior decorating session with one of our stylists utilising new and existing products in your home 

Access to your client portal on our website with your very own portfolio from start to finish 

Complimentary gift from us to you for your finished and newly designed space 

Exclusive access to our members only blog





THE consultation

This is the part where we talk about what needs to be updated, changed or what could potentially be lacking in your existing interior. You can explain to us the aspects which are important to you in order for us to grasp a better idea of the new vision for your space.

Pinterest boards, magazine cut outs and inspiration photos are welcomed at this time for a visual representation of which direction you are wanting to achieve within the desired area. These consultations will occur at a time that works for you as well as us and will be arranged once you enquire directly with us.

At this time, ideas will be discussed on what we can potentially create and verbal expert advice will be given to you. Measurements of areas will be established during the consultation also. Please allow a timeframe of up to 2 hours for this type of consultation. After all, we do love a chat and getting to know our clients on a personal level!

Time to inspire you

 Here is where you are presented with our interpreted ideas and visions for your new space in the form of two different moodboards. One will be in a digital form and uploaded onto your client portal and the other will be a flat lay moodboard delivered to your door.

With the digital moodboard, you are entitled to two rounds of editing to ensure that we are picking up what you are putting down. Our unique flat lay moodboard which gets delivered to you, is the second half of your inspiration stage and where the visuals begin to come to life. It is designed to assist you with getting a genuine feel for textures and a visual representation of colours and how we believe they will work harmoniously in your space.

These two types of inspiration will be like gold to you as you may as a choose to keep them as a point of reference throughout our process as a visual reference guide or simply choose to hold onto them for your future endeavours to take them anywhere with you!

This stage is where we encourage feedback which gives you the opportunity to let us know if we are on the right track as we only want it to be absolutely perfect moving forward. Remember, your satisfaction is our top priority so be sure to speak up! Timeframe for this is two weeks from our initial meet and greet.

The source of it all

Think of us as your second opinion before you knew you needed it. Now that we have a greater understanding of your wants and needs and we’ve established that we are on the right path, this is absolutely the best thing that you can let us do for you – say hello to your very own, tailor made product menu!

On this thoroughly detailed menu, you will have a selection of three different options for each component for your space whereby you have the opportunity to go and check these items out and purchase them accordingly in your own time. This is sure to be a game changer in the way that you shop from now on, as this menu will also entail where you can go and view these particular items and at which stores or online websites.

The menu will also include those accessories that you will require to fill the gaps in your space and assist in adding your bit of personality into your interior. For example; prints, mirrors, pots, etc. With industry connections and a vast knowledge of modern day products, you will be provided with a broad range of products to choose from. Your product menu will be available to you via our client portal on our website. Timeframe for your product menu to be made specifically for you is 2 weeks after the feedback from your moodboards.

we put the style in your home

We ensure that the space works specifically for you and the way in which you live in it. Client satisfaction is our highest priority and the reason for what we do.

Upon our visit, you will also receive a complimentary gift from us to you that has been well thought out for your space and follows your specific brief. Before and after photos will be uploaded onto your private portfolio via our client portal on our website for your reference.

If there is a lengthy delay in any of your large statement pieces arriving to your space, then we will come back out to visit you again once they have arrived and we will assist in the required styling of these items at no additional cost.
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what we're  



right now

Our exclusive client portal means that you can access your project anytime, anywhere, its your own login and a dashboard that’s just for you.

You’ll have our vision with you, wherever you go!
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